Travel Information for Lesvos Island (Lesvos) – Flights and Ferries to Lesvos (Mytilini Airport and Harbour) Travellers have two very easy ways of reaching Lesvos Island … they can travel by plane or by ferry. Flights to Lesvos Island Mytilini International Airport ‘Odysseas Elytis’ – MJT All flights to Lesvos Island are to Mytilini International Airport “Odysseas Elytis” (MJT). There are direct charter flights from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. Direct Charter planes fly directly to the island airport of Mytilini which means you do not have to fly via Athens. However, these are only available on certain days of the week and may limit your travel options. More information on Direct Charter Flights can be found here: Direct Charter flights to Lesvos Another way of reaching Mytilini International Airport are the Domestic Scheduled flights. There are Domestic Scheduled flights from Athens International Airport up to 7 times per day. These flights take just 50 minutes to reach Mytilini. There are also Domestic Scheduled flights from Thessaloniki International airport to Mytilini. More information on Domestic connections and how to book your flight tickets can be found here: Domestic Scheduled flights to Lesvos Ferries to Lesvos Island Mytilini Harbour – LES You can travel to Lesvos Island by taking a ferry to the harbour of Mytilini. There are daily ferries leaving from Pireaus (West Athens) to Mytilini Harbour. The journey time is 12 hours and is usually overnight. The ship leaves Pireaus in the evening and arrives in Mytilini early the next morning. In high summer there are a few “fast ferries” to Mytilini, the journey time of these ferries is between 6,5 and 8,5 hours. Lesvos is also connected by ferry to Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) and Ayvalik (Turkey) as well as to other Greek island such as Chios and Limnos. Local Bus Service on Lesvos Island The national bus service is run by KTEL, and they provide routes for all over Greece and also operate during winter and summer to numerous destinations on the island of Lesvos. Sappho Travel is not responsible for changes in the schedule, or incorrect data in time tables. For further information we recommend that you contact the KTEL bus company in Mytilini : (+30) 22510 28873 and (+30) 22510 46630

You can also choose a flight by the following airline companies:

[from Europe to Greece]

[from Europe to Greece, through Turkey]

* Charter flight. Please contact a tour operator for bookings

You cannot find a direct flight to Lesvos from your country? You can still reach Lesvos from other locations in Greece

There are hundreds of flight options to travel to Athens, Thessaloniki or other locations in Greece.

  • Fly to Lesvos (Mytilene) from Athens with Aegean AirlinesOlympic AirVolotea (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and Sky Express .
  • Fly to Lesvos (Mytilene) from Thessaloniki (direct flights) with Aegean Airlines (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
  • Fly with Sky Express  to Lesvos (Mytilene) from Heraklio (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), Lemnos (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), Chios (Wednesday, Sunday), Samos (Wednesday, Sunday), Rhodes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Check Mytilene’s airport website for Arrivals/Departures information.

Alternatively you can travel by ferry!

You can choose any of the following options:

Lesvos – Turkey (every day)

Athens to Mytilene (every day)

Kavala to Mytilene (Wednesday, Saturday)